Psychotherapy is effective in eliminating impotence caused by psychological factors such as stress, conflict, depression, lack of sexual experience, feelings of embarrassment and embarrassment in front of a partner, fears related to sex, previous sexual intercourse or failure etc. Hormone replacement therapy (taking male sex hormones) is effective in treating impotence due to androgen deficiency, which is found, as a rule, in the elderly.

Oral therapy (taking various medications and dietary supplements) is effective for impotence due to various types of impaired blood flow to the penis (most cases of impotence). Local remedies (creams and ointments intended for application to the penis) are effective for impotence due to low libido, impaired blood flow to the penis, etc. Alternative viagra over the counter walgreens methods of treatment (tinctures, decoctions, formulations, etc.) are effective for impotence associated with malnutrition, stress, etc.

Eating foods that improve sperm production and increase sexual desire (for example, ginseng, honey, cucumber, hot pepper, garlic, squid, shrimp, etc.) is effective for impotence due to dietary errors, improper lifestyle, and irregular sexual intercourse, transferred venereal diseases, etc. Vacuum pumps (devices that create a negative pressure that allows you to create an erection of the penis) are effective in all types of impotence, regardless of the reasons that provoked it. Acupuncture is the stimulation of certain points on the body that can improve potency by introducing needles.

Conspiracies are a mystical method of treating impotence, which can be effective in various cases (unfortunately, the effectiveness of conspiracies has not been confirmed by scientific methods, so doctors do not use this method). Intraurethral therapy – the introduction of drugs into the urethra. Intracavernous injections – the introduction of drugs directly into the tissues of the penis. Gene therapy (this method is experimental and has not yet been widely adopted). Over the counter ed pills

Genes are introduced into the human body, on the basis of which the development of biologically active substances that provide an erection occurs. Usually, these genes are damaged or inactive during impotence, and the introduction of the same genes from the outside as if replaces their own inferior ones and allows you to carry out normal sexual intercourse again. In experimental studies, the method turned out to be very effective, but so far there is no official permission for its use in any country in the world.

Pullet air omelette – a quick breakfast in a pan Read more In the past, minimally invasive methods were mainly used in the treatment of impotence, but now they have quickly given way to various conservative drugs, since the latter have become much more effective and easier to use. Alternative methods of treating impotence are various recipes for tinctures, baths, applications, decoctions and extracts, which are used both internally and externally in order to increase the potency of a man. Alternative methods of treatment can be both reasonable and effective, and completely useless.

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